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Run Model on Apple iOS Devices

This example shows how to configure and run a model on an Apple iOS device.

  1. Connect the Apple iOS device to your host computer using the USB cable.

  2. Create a Simulink® model or open an existing model.

  3. In the Simulink Editor, select Simulation > Model Configuration Parameters

  4. In the Configuration Parameter dialog box, click Hardware Implementation. Set Hardware board parameter to Apple iOS Device. Then, click OK.


    This step overwrites the model Configuration Parameters. To preserve the configuration of an existing model, select File > Save As to create a working copy of the model that you can reconfigure.

  5. In the Simulink Editor, click Deploy to Hardware.

    Simulink software uses the USB cable to load and run the model on the Apple iOS device.

    A status message on the Apple iOS device indicates when the model is running.


    When you redeploy the model to the Apple iOS device, it stops and replaces the previous instance of the model.

To stop an application running on the Apple iOS device:

  1. Press the Home button on the iOS device two times quickly to view recently used applications.

  2. Swipe horizontally to find the preview of the application.

  3. Swipe up on the application preview to close the application.