Prepare model for hardware connection, add blocks to support hardware protocols


Analog InputMeasure voltage of analog input pin
Digital ReadRead logical state of digital input pin
Digital WriteSet logical state of digital output pin
I2C Master ReadRead data from I2C slave device or I2C slave device register
I2C Master WriteWrite data to I2C slave device or I2C slave device register
PWM OutputGenerate square wave on the specified output pin
SCI ReadRead N-by-1 array of data on UART
SCI WriteSend N-by-1 array of data to UART
SPI Master TransferWrite data to and read data from SPI slave device
SPI Register ReadRead data from SPI slave device register
SPI Register WriteWrite data to registers of SPI slave device
TCP/IP ReceiveReceive data over TCP/IP network from remote host
TCP/IP SendSend data over TCP/IP network to remote host
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP packets from UDP host
UDP SendSend UDP packets to UDP host
Byte PackConvert input signals to 8-, 16-, or 32-bit vector
Byte UnpackUnpack 8-, 16-, or 32-bit input vector to multiple output vectors
Byte ReversalReverse little-endian data for big-endian processor
Memory CopyCopy to and from memory section
CAN ReadRead message from CAN network
CAN WriteWrite message to CAN network


Model Configuration Simulink Coder Support Package for STMicroelectronics Nucleo Boards

Parameter and configuration options for creating and running applications on Simulink® Coder™ Support Package for STMicroelectronics® Nucleo Boards

Communicate with Hardware in Normal Mode Simulation Using Connected IO

Get peripheral data from the hardware before deploying the Simulink model on the hardware.

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