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Get Network Settings of Raspberry Pi Hardware

There are several ways to get the network settings of the Ethernet connector on your Raspberry Pi™ hardware.

  • Connect speakers or headphones to the audio jack on the board and then reboot it. After rebooting, a synthesized voice on the board reads out the IP address.

  • If your board is connected to a keyboard, monitor, and mouse, log in to the Linux® terminal, and enter:


    The IP configuration settings for the eth0 Ethernet connector are available on the second line of text.

  • If, during the firmware update process, you configured your board to use a local area network (LAN) or home network, use SSH to connect to the host name of the board. For example, if the host name is raspberrypi-AH-RDLUGYHE, enter the following in a MATLAB® Command Window:

    h = raspberrypi('raspberrypi-AH-RDLUGYHE')
    After logging in, use ifconfig to get the IP address of the board.

    You can use the host name to connect to your board only if you have a Domain Name System (DNS) within your network.

You can also configure the board to send you an email message when the IP address changes, as described in Configure Raspberry Pi Hardware to Mail IP Address Changes.