Set the property value corresponding to a stereotype applied to the element


setProperty(element,propertyName,propertyValue,propertyUnits) sets the value and units of the property specified in the propertyName argument. Set the property corresponding to an applied stereotype by qualified name <stereotype>.<property> . This is the verbose approach to setting a property.


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In this example, weight is a property of the stereotype sysComponent.


In this example, description is a property of the stereotype sysComponent.

expression = sprintf("'%s'",'component description')

Input Arguments

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Data Types: systemcomposer.arch.Element

Qualified name of the property in the form '<stereotype>.<property>'.

Data Types: char

Specify numeric values in single quotes. Specify string values in the sprintf("'%s'",'<property value>') form. See example on this page.

Data Types: char

Specify the units to interpret property values.

Data Types: char

Introduced in R2019a