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Resize Mapped Motor

Use the Virtual Vehicle Composer app to resize a motor based on high-level specifications.

For vehicles configured with battery-electric or hybrid-electric powertrain architecture, you can resize its mapped motors based on desired maximum power and torque values.

Suppose you have set up an Electric Vehicle 1EM in Virtual Vehicle Composer. Its motor currently has maximum power and torque values of 80 kW and 160 N-m, and you want to resize it to 160 kW and 320 N-m. Follow these steps:

  1. In the Data and Calibration pane, select Electric Machine 1, then click the Motor Resize tab.

    View of the virtual vehicle composer app with the electric machine selected in virtual vehicle pane on the left and the data and calibration tab selected in pane on the right.

  2. Specify the Desired power[W] and Desired torque[Nm] values. For this example, enter 160000 watts and 320 N-m.


    Keep the motor resize ratios for maximum power and torque to less than ten. For greater ratios, resize in steps. For example, to take a motor with 320 kW maximum power and 640 N-m maximum torque, and resize it to 20 kW and 40 N-m:

    • Resize from 320 kW and 640 N-m to 80 kW and 160 N-m

    • Resize from 80 kW and 160 N-m to 20 kW and 40 N-m

  3. Click Resize Motor. The Virtual Vehicle Composer app resizes the motor. You can also click Run Performance Test to see the performance characteristics of the resized motor.

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