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HDL Code Generation for NI USRP Radios

Wireless Testbench™ provides workflows that enable you to design software-defined radio (SDR) algorithms in Simulink® and deploy a custom generated hardware image on supported NI™ USRP™ radios. Wireless Testbench also provides MATLAB® interfaces that allow you to prototype the deployed system. This diagram is a high-level overview of how HDL code generation with Wireless Testbench integrates SDR capabilities of supported radios.

Wireless Testbench software stack for NI USRP targeting

Using Wireless Testbench MATLAB interfaces, you can connect to a target NI USRP radio and interface with your deployed system.

Wireless Testbench MATLAB Interface


usrp System object™

Connect to an NI USRP radio

fpga object

Access a target NI USRP radio from MATLAB

Required MathWorks Products

To use these workflows, you require the following MathWorks products:

  • Wireless Testbench Support Package for NI USRP Radios

  • Simulink

  • HDL Coder™

  • HDL Coder Support Package for Xilinx® FPGA and SoC Devices

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