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Wireless Testbench Reference Applications on SDR

Wireless Testbench™ reference applications are prebuilt hardware images that enable you to explore wireless applications for software-defined-radio (SDR) hardware by using MATLAB® objects. This diagram is a high-level overview of how Wireless Testbench reference application objects integrate SDR capabilities of supported radios.

Wireless Testbanch software stack

Using a Wireless Testbench reference application object, you can configure the prebuilt hardware image to transmit, capture, or detect wireless signals and write your application code for experimenting and testing.

Wireless Testbench Reference Application ObjectDescription
basebandReceiverConfigure SDR as baseband receiver
basebandTransceiverConfigure SDR as baseband transceiver
basebandTransmitterConfigure SDR as baseband transmitter
preambleDetectorConfigure SDR as preamble detector

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