find the lowest value in a selection of data

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编辑: Scott MacKenzie ,2021-10-21
I have a matrix of data where I am working with columns 5 and 6. I have divided the data into sections based on the values of column 5.
Now for each of the variables S1-S4, I want to find the lowest value of column 6 that occurs in each variable, and save both the values in columns 5 and 6 that correpsond to this and plot the values on a graph.
S1 = T(:,5) >0.13;
S2 = T(:,5)>= 0.115 & T(:,5) <= 0.129;
S3 = T(:,5)>= 0.1 & T(:,5) <= 0.114;
S4 = T(:,5)>= 0.084 & T(:,5) <= 0.09;
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C.G. 2021-10-21
ok i understand that, how would I get the value of column 5 which also equates to this?



Scott MacKenzie
Scott MacKenzie 2021-10-21
编辑:Scott MacKenzie 2021-10-21
[m, idx] = min(T(S1,6)); % minimum value in column 6, as per S1
x = T(idx,5); % value in column 5 at same location/row

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