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No display in command window when launching matlab code / function from excel

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Bruno on 1 Sep 2015
Edited: Rutuja Shirali on 3 Sep 2015
I have an "issue" on displaying into command window when I call a matlab code / function from Excel. For instance, I get no display:
  • If I use the excel addin function "run matlab command" from excel with "disp('test')",
  • If I call a matlab function from Excel which uses fprintf(...) for logging the different calculation steps,
  • or if I call a TestSuite class (used by log4matlab)
I made some searches on this kind of issue but I found nothing relevant. So is it normal or is there a specific parameter in order to trigger on display into command window?
Thanks in advance for your answers!

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Rutuja Shirali
Rutuja Shirali on 3 Sep 2015
Hi Bruno,
I understand that when you try to run MATLAB functions, you get no display. Make sure that the Add in Setup is done correctly. There is a separate MATLAB Command window that shows up in Excel when you start MATLAB from excel. More information on Add in Setup can be found here:
If the Add in setup is not proper, try following all the steps mentioned in the above URL and if still does not work, contact the MathWorks Technical Support Team .
Thanks! Rutuja

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