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Hi,Does any body help me about attenuation correction process on the nuclear medicine image with using MATLAB software?

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milad najafzadeh
milad najafzadeh on 27 Jun 2016
Closed: Rena Berman on 12 Dec 2019
I want to use the matlab software for apply chang attenuation correction method(uniform medium) on the SPECT image and finally comparing the improved image with the original image. I write a function for this purpose,but my function is incomplete. Thanks in advance for your attention and hlep.


John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 27 Jun 2016
So, show your function. All you have done so far is make a plea for someone to do your work, from scratch otherwise.
Attach what you have tried, by editing your question, or as a comment, not an answer.

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Mitra Safavi
Mitra Safavi on 18 Oct 2019
This question (and the posted main function) was part of an assignment allocated to students enrolled in the nuclear imaging subject at the University of Wollongong and the University of NSW.
Posting it on this forum is in violoation copyright, and I request it to be removed.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Oct 2019
I do not see anything copyrighted about the question. The poster used their own words to identify the general topic. The names of methods such as "chang attenuation correction method" cannot be copyrighted, only trade-marked.
The code the user posted appears to be completely the user's work, though possibly following a template. The general form that information is to appear in is at best a "design element", not something that is copyrighted.
I am left doubting that you know what copyrights are. Ideas cannot be copyrighted, only particular expressions of ideas.
Posting a request for assistance with the matter was perhaps against the rules established by the instructor, but if so that has nothing to do with copyright.

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