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Is there a good way to retrieve variable names of function inputs when the variables are cell indexed?

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Samarth Shivaswamy
Samarth Shivaswamy on 29 Mar 2017
Commented: Walter Roberson on 30 Mar 2017
I have a function, say myfun(varargin) which accepts variable number of inputs. These input variables are also cell indexed.
Now, is there an elegant way of retrieving the variable names in the function? I did go through the documentation for inputname, but I could not find anything for cell indexed variables.
nVarargs = length(varargin);
for i = 1:nVarargs
v = [v; NameOfInputVariable];
end %for i = 1:nVarargs
end % myfun(varargin)
% Calling the function
num1.real = [1 2 3.4];
num2.imag = [5 3 1.9];
myfun(num1.real, num2.imag);


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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Mar 2017
inputname() only works when variables are passed, not when expressions are passed, and your num1.real is an expression rather than a variable.
You would have to do something like,
num1_real = [1 2 3.4];
num2_imag = [5 3 1.9];
myfun(num1_real, num2_imag);
Having done that, you can use
function v = myfun(varargin)
nVarargs = length(varargin);
v = {};
for i = 1:nVarargs
v{i} = inputname(i); %notice it is the argument _number_


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 30 Mar 2017
That would happen if you used num1.real and num2.imag like you were using before. You need to use unindexed unqualified variables to be able to get the names, like in the call I show.

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