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python script in matlab for real time analysis

Asked by lucas
on 10 Jan 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Sean de Wolski
on 10 Jan 2019
Hello folks,
Im willing to perform an computer vision analysis from a webcam in real time and im wondering if i open a script from python will lag the procedure and if this lag is significative. Anyone who have experience with this matter encourage or discourage me?
thanks in advance


What do you need python for? Is it something MATLAB/Toolboxes can't do natively?
sure does! but i already have this working code on python (which i dont know how to use) and i want to spent the less time possible on this since i have the possibility of integrate the code in matlab... the other option is to learn python (*sigh*) or struggle to build something similar in matlab...
but if there is some serious delay ill have to consider some of this options... hehehe
In that case just give it a try. Look at the python interface for MATLAB
Performance will depend on the amount of data you're moving between the two and how well optimize both the MATLAB and Python code are.

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