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How to define the format of number such as D22.12 or D19.12?

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Kun-Chi Wang
Kun-Chi Wang on 30 Jul 2019
Commented: Guillaume on 30 Jul 2019
I am studying a code in which a text is read like this one.
0.740000000000D+02 0.640625000000D+01 0.427553523606D-08-0.146805323186D+01
They are processed by the following code:
[IODE Crs delta_n M0] = parsef(current_line, {'D22.12' 'D19.12' 'D19.12' 'D19.12'});
where function "parsef" is defined as:
function varargout = parsef(input, format)
global input_
input_ = input;
varargout = getvals(1, format, 1);
clear global input_
After being processed by the above code, the result is
"IODE = 74, Crs = 6.40625, delta_n = 4.27553523606e-09 ,M0 = -1.46805323186," which is the same as the text that I want to read.
The question is that there is another text I wnat to read, which is as shown:
6.100000000000E+01-2.409687500000E+02 3.192632985979E-09 1.224491866258E-01
They are processed by the same code mentioned above.
The result is
"IODE = 6.1, Crs = 1, delta_n = 2, M0 = 9," which is not exactly the same as the text that I want to read.
I guess the problem is the definition of format in the code:
{'D22.12' 'D19.12' 'D19.12' 'D19.12'}
However, I don't really understand what {'D22.12' 'D19.12' 'D19.12' 'D19.12'} means, not to mention to revise them.
Does anyone have suggestions or resources that I can refer to?

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Guillaume on 30 Jul 2019
We would need the code for getvals
Have you tried replacing the D by E in that format cell array passed to parsef?

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