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ode45 with events returns event that did not happen

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sivan levi
sivan levi on 6 Aug 2019
Commented: sivan levi on 7 Aug 2019
i am using ode 45 with events and am having a problem i do not understand.
the problem is that i have defined the event in an event function and when i track the events values i clearly see that one goes to zero and the others do not so i am expacting one event as an output but i am recieving two event.
the other event clearly is not zero.
the codes i am using
ode45 options:
ode 45 call:
tracking the events graphically:
the blue plot (data1) is the event that heppend and the red one (data2) is the event that the functions says that happened even thpough its value isnt 0
the output Iesl is [2;1]
can anyone shed some light on this problem? i am at a loss
thank you

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sivan levi
sivan levi on 7 Aug 2019
Found out what went wrong.
if an event occurs at t=0 the event function does not terminate
from documantation under limitations:
"If a terminal event occurs during the first step of the integration, then the solver registers the event as nonterminal and continues integrating."

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