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How to export line plot to excel (need it to be written as a code to be automatically executed)

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Juniper Sohn
Juniper Sohn on 8 Aug 2019
Commented: dpb on 8 Aug 2019
Hi, I am trying to export a figure (type line), a line plot, into excel.
I have tried saving it as an image (wouldn't let me save it as .jpg) with an aim to export that image to excel, tried "xlswritefig", "export_fig", and "xlswrite", and none of them work.
Is there any other way that I can export this line plot to excel? And I need this to be executable as a code.
Thank you for your help.

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dpb on 8 Aug 2019
Probably easiest would be to create the plot in Excel and tie the data to a given range then just update that range.
Other than that, you need to use COM and then it's mostly an exercise in Excel syntax to do what you want...the Matlab part is just to open the connection and write the commands...nothing really to do w/ ML itself.

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