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What is the best way to stream and synchronise 111Hz data from a TCPIP connection with 10kHz data from NI DAQ (data from dynamometer)?

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Robert Ward
Robert Ward on 12 Aug 2019
I can connect to a TCPIP connection and read data at around 111Hz. I can also connect to a dynamometer through a NI DAQ into matlab and read data at 10kHz. I have been using a listener to retrieve the data from the dynamometer. When I collect 0.25 seconds of 10kHz data I save and write to a txt file. This data is saved with a single reading from the 111Hz data (making all the 111Hz data the same) then I can collect both data together but with limited data rates on the 111Hz data.
When I try to reduce the collection period of the listener to 0.01 seconds and save with the TCPIP data then the system will now not work. It does not save the new data each time. Only saving the original 0.01 seconds worth of data.
Is there a method around this? or can anyone recommend a better way to collect and synchronise the two data streams?
Thanks in advance,


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