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How to open several GUIs one at a time in a matlab script?

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Shuyuan Yu
Shuyuan Yu on 24 Oct 2019
Commented: Shuyuan Yu on 6 Nov 2019
I have 4 GUI tasks, Task A, Task B, Task C, and Task D, and would like users to complete 4 tasks one by one. If I write in the script:
Task A;
Task B;
Task C;
Task D;
then all 4 GUI tasks pop out at the same time.
How can I let Task B only pop out after the user closes Task A or is done with Task A? There are 10 problems in each task and I coded tasks to be autoamically closed after users finish 10 problems.
I want to randomize the order of 4 tasks for each participant, which means Task A could be followed by any task, therefore, I can't hard code Task A to automatically trigger Task B.
Thanks so much!


Hari Krishna Ravuri
Hari Krishna Ravuri on 31 Oct 2019
I undrstand that, you are trying to randomize Tasks A,B,C,D among the participants.You may consider writing a small script which generates a vector having 4 elements{1,2,3,4}, randomizing the order of elements.Now, you may execute the tasks according to the generated vector.
Adam on 31 Oct 2019
Or create a vector of function handles to each of your GUIs, e.g.
guis = { @TaskA, @TaskB, @TaskC, @TaskD,... };
Then you can use e.g.
doc randperm
to get a random permutation of indices into that vector and launch the relevant GUI as
guis{ idx }( )
As for the problem of all UIs opening at once, Rik's answer should sort that out.
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 31 Oct 2019
To add to these other great solutions, you could also toggle the visibility of your GUI figures on/off as needed. That way when you're ready to move on to the next GUI, it's already generated and you just need to make it visible.

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 31 Oct 2019
As long as your GUI functions return a handle to the figure, you can use the uiwait function to get the behavior you want.

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