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Download Weather Data Every 5 hours

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Joe Dainton
Joe Dainton on 2 Jan 2020
Hi all
I have tried searching on the forum for a similar post but came up short.
I am trying to use Matlab to open a weather site of my area and update a table with the temp every 5 hours.
I have had very little success.
What i have done so far is as follows:-
url = '' % this creates a variable called url which is the link to the weather site for my area
web (url,'-browser') % i then use this command to open up the site in a new browser window.
The data from the webiste i want is the Temp, description i.e. overcast / sunny/light rain etc as shown on this screen shot:-
The aim is to populate a matlab table with the:-
  • Date and time of when the data was taken from the web site
  • Temp
  • Description
I have tried to look at the properties of this site by pressing F12 but i do not have any idea at what i am looking at.
The end result would be for Matlab to continue to update the Matlab table every 5 hours.
Can anyone help and provide some guidance?
Thank you.
(i hope to develope this further by creating plots etc but lets get the data first lol)


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