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Color different marker style according to different variables

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Alberto Caracciolo
Alberto Caracciolo on 9 Jan 2020
I'm fresh to matlab! I am aiming to include 4 variables consisting on (130x1 double) on a scatter plot. So far I have used gscatter function, with which i am able to plot 2 variable (x,y) colored and/or symboled according to a variable (g). This is the figure i get and the plotting part of my code (i have a long code where i define different variables):
gscatter(MgOMI, LaYbMI, localityMI, col,'*odphvx',8)
I like the outcome, but i also would like to use a 4th variable to determine the color of each marker set. The 4th variable would again be (130x1 double) and i would like to color the different symbols accoriding to that 4th variable.
I know how to do that using the scatter function, but with scatter i cannot distinguish my samples in different groups. Also, i might need to add error bars on that plot...but let's proced step by step.
Any hint?
Thank you


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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 9 Jan 2020
It looks like (though I haven't tried it) that you can use the 'clr' option of gscatter to specify what color each group is.

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Alberto Caracciolo
Alberto Caracciolo on 10 Jan 2020
Yes, i can use the clr option, but i only can set up a default color, like black, yellow....I have a 4th variable that i want to use to color the markers (and set up a color map eventually). It is not a single color for each group, but it will depend on the variable.
Again scatter function allows me to color the data according to a variable, but i cannot distingush the data in groups....gscatters allows me to divide the data in groups but not to color the data according to an additional variable.....

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