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Line ROI Label Not Available

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How can I use the Line ROI label in the Image Labeler app?
I am using the Image Labeler to label road defects, such as cracks. Ideally I would use the Line ROI label, but it does not appear with the rectangle and pixel label options.
So I created my own label definition with:
ldc = labelDefinitionCreator();
addLabel(ldc,'Crack',labelType.Line,'Group', 'Defects','Description','ROI labels for road cracks');
labDef = create(ldc);
But when I load labDef as a label definition, I get an error that says:
"Unable to load label definitions from (filepath). labDef.mat must be a label definitions file with no Line Label types."
If I change the labelType to Rectangle, it works perfectly.
I know I could use the brush, but it's trickier to make straight lines with. Or I can use the pixel label polygon feature to make thin polygons, but sometimes it fills in on itself and requires extra work. Am I doing something wrong, or is the Line ROI label not available in 2019a? Thank you.


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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta on 20 Jan 2020
Edited: Raunak Gupta on 20 Jan 2020
The Line ROI Label for images is available from R2019b Release of MATLAB. You may look at the Release Note of R2019b for Image Labeler App. For using the Line ROI Label for Image Labeler App, I suggest upgrading the MATLAB to latest release that is R2019b. In case you are using video for labelling (Video Labeler App), the line ROI is still present in R2019a release but for image (Image Labeler App) the functionality is introduced from R2019b onwards.


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