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Simscape Multibody: How to simulate a rotating helicopter blade

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Nicolás Capmany
Nicolás Capmany on 16 Mar 2020
Hi there!
I am trying to simulate a rotating helicopter blade using Simscape Multibody. My blade, consists on 3 main sections, a blue section, which must be rigid and
undeformable, as it represents the helicopter's hub, a red section which represents a part of the blade which has in-plane vibration with the rotation motion (lead-lag
motion), and a green section which has out-of-plane vibrations (flapping motion) . I wanted to apply rotational motion to this model using the velocity targets which are
within the options of my first revolute joint ( left of the picture). I have applied non-equilibirum conditions to the red and green rod in the model, so as to appreciate vibration
in case there is no rotational motion. However, the blue rod also experiences a rotational displacement, when it must be kept rigid as it representens the helicopter's hub.
I was able to stop this displacement, increasing the damping and stiffness parameters within its revolute joint (left). However, this would not enable the model to rotate if I
want to apply a rotating motion afterwards to simulate the helicopter's rotor regime.
How could I apply a rotating motion to my model while keeping the blue rod and sphere rigid, as they are not supposed to move when the rotation regime is set to zero?
I have uploaded images in order to make it clearer. If someone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you very much in advance.


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