How do I determine the licenses & toolboxes required for a Simulink model when I don't have all licenses to run the model?

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编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2023-6-5
In MATLAB R2019b and later, finding the required licenses for a particular model does not require that all licenses be active on your current machine.
However, in MATLAB R2019a and earlier, this is only possible if you have access to all required licenses for the specific model. In this case, we suggest finding the person who last worked on, developed, or executed the model, or the computer on which it was last executed.
In R2019b and later, anyone can use the following methods:
(1) Use Dependency Analyzer to see the list of required products:
(2) Programmatically determine required licenses using 'dependencies.toolboxDependencyAnalysis':
(3) If your model is part of a Simulink project, use the 'Impact Analysis' tool to find the required toolboxes for the project:
By using one of these strategies, you should be able to determine the required toolboxes and, therefore, the licenses required for a particular model or project.

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