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Operators "concatenation" ?

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Is there a way to "concatenate" two or more Matlab operators while chaining several operations ?
For instance, I have a complex function returning a cell array :
C = my_complex_function(input)
And in the following, in another function I would like to perform for instance :
T = unique([C{:}]);
But via a direct call to the first function*, meaning I would like to avoid to create the temporary variable C in these latter function (the goal is to do it in one step instead of two or more).
Is it possible ? Do you know a way to do this ? (Of course I mean without mofifying the first function at all, including its return type)
* The idea is something like
T = unique([my_complex_function(input){:}])
Thanks for any help.


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James Tursa
James Tursa on 4 May 2020
No. MATLAB syntax does not allow using ( ) or { } right after a function call. You could of course create a third function to do these two steps behind the scenes if you wanted.

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Nicolas Douillet
Nicolas Douillet on 4 May 2020
Ok thank you, this is also what I figured out.
If it wasn't the case I guess the language possibilities would be too complex and maybe also too messy.
I will then do it in two steps.

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