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Why isn't my app pushbutton able to update an edit field ?

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farzad on 10 May 2020
Commented: Geoff Hayes on 11 May 2020
Hi all
I am still trying to solve this problem. I have a push button in my app that has become complex now , and through that, I can not update the values in other edit fields. while when I use other push buttons that are less crowded and more simple, they can update those edit fields. I put the structure of the complex button here, hoping to fin the root cause :
persistent h1
if isempty(h1) || ~isvalid(h1)
h1 = waitbar(0,'message !');
if condition
close all
app.AnalysisTimeEditfield.Value= char(duration(0,0,te))
app.WorkingDirectoryEditField.Value=pwd; % none of these two edit fields get updated


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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 11 May 2020
well why would the structure of this code be different from the other methods? Is this method part of the app or external to it? Is all of this code within the callback of a pushbutton (of your app)?
farzad on 11 May 2020
I have written in my question: I have a push button in my app that has become complex now.
Why is this structure behaving differently, is my question
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 11 May 2020
Without presenting all of your code or providing a working example that demonstrates this behaviour, how can we know exactly why this structure is behaving differently? How about you try removing all of the code from this callback function except for something like
app.AnalysisTimeEditfield.Value= 'hello'
What happens?

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