How can you use MATLAB Grader in Moodle Quizzes?

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MATLAB Grader can be integrated into Moodle as an external tool. How can you use MATLAB Grader in Moodle Quizzes, to implement MATLAB Grader as a quiz question?


Mihaela Jarema
Mihaela Jarema 2020-7-14
External tools cannot be used as question types in Moodle Quizzes.
The alternative is to create multiple activities of type MATLAB Grader and group them in folders in the activities list. Then, go to the Gradebook configuration in Moodle and create folders to weight/total grades for all MATLAB Grader problems (and in relationship to other quizzes and assignments) and organize them as desired. This has the effect of putting a single/new gradebook entry for the set of MATLAB Grader problems alone, or a single grade for the combination of a quiz and set of MATLAB Grader problems combined, into the gradebook.
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Jeff Alderson
Jeff Alderson 2021-3-8
You may want to reach out to your LMS Administrator for support using this Moodle plugin. MathWorks does not support Moodle or other plugins directly. You can also open a Customer Support request with MathWorks and we can try to assit your LMS Administrator in using the correct MATLAB Grader LTI settings to attempt to get this plugin to work for your LMS instance.


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