Sometimes not receiving email alerts from Thingspeak

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Hi all,
I have configured React to send an email when I receive data to my channel. My channel recieves data occasionally from an Android app, once every 15 minutes for the space of some hours.
Usually this works fine, but occasionally I do not recieve an email. I see that the app sent the data to the channel correctly and received a reply. The React shows that the code sending the email was run without errors (showing the green checkmark and showing last run 1 minute ago). As it was 15 minutes since the last request, it shouldn't cause the 429 error (too many requests). How can I find what the problem was? The email was not received.


Christopher Stapels
You can look at your alerts history here, but it does not record failed attempts. I suggest that you can change your MATLAB ode the record the response from the operation in another channel so that you have a record of what happened with your code when it runs.
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Danielle Honigstein
I have done so and received to my surprise Error 429 - Too many requests. How is this possible? The last alert was sent 9 minutes previously.
Is there an additional limit on alerts other than 15 seconds?
Thank you in advance,


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Christopher Stapels
编辑:Christopher Stapels 2021-5-6
See the limitations section on the send alerts page. The resrictions can be a bit tight especially when you are debugging. If these limits are unaceptable for your use case, plese let us know your desired use.


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