How can I install multiple Individual or Designated Computer licenses on a single computer?

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编辑:MathWorks Support Team 2021-11-18
Installing multiple Individual licenses on a single machine is as simple as running the MathWorks installer from each user's account and specifying their license during the installation process.
With individual licenses, the license file is stored in an account-specific location, so the license file for each license will only be accessible from the account it was installed from.
Designated Computer licenses are not user account-specific and therefore can be accessed by multiple users.
To install multiple Individual or Designated Computer licenses on the same machine:
  1. Download the MathWorks installer. Save it in a folder which is accessible from all accounts on the machine.
  2. Install MATLAB and all required toolboxes from the first license
  3. (If Individual licenses) Switch to the next user account you're installing for
  4. Rerun the MathWorks Installer to Install the additional toolboxes from the next license.
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 as necessary.
Note: If you are not installing from the user's account, but instead are installing from a single administrative account, then you'll need to run the installer once for each license. (The MathWorks installer cannot install multiple licenses simultaneously.) This will install MATLAB and the toolboxes from each license into the same directory. Therefore, if you install 3 different licenses, it will install all toolboxes from all 3 licenses and MATLAB, but not install MATLAB 3 times taking up 3x the space. 
During the Installation/Activation process for Individual licenses, make sure you enter the Computer Login Name for the person which corresponds to the license you are installing for, and MATLAB will automatically pick the correct license to use when launched.
If the 2nd license has the same set of products, the 2nd installation can be skipped by simply activating the 2nd license. 
Once complete, you will be able to access all licenses from the same machine and MATLAB will take the first license that isn't already being utilized by another user. Individual and Designated Computer licenses can be used together.
If you want more information on setting the license MATLAB will use, please see related solution.
For more information on combining network licenses with Individual of Designated Computer licenses, please see the following article.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021-11-18
If I recall correctly (and it has been over a decade since I configured it):
If you as a user log in against an individual license that has a set of toolboxes, then you get to use all of those no matter what the other licenses have configured.
If you as a user log in against an individual license that has a set of toolboxes, and you attempt to use a toolbox that is not part of that license, then MATLAB will look for other licenses you might be eligible to use. If it finds a Designated Computer license that is not already in use, and which has the toolbox you need, then it will grab that license, allowing you to use the toolbox.
What I do not know at the moment is whether it will only look at the very first (currently unused) Designated Computer license it finds, or if it will look at all of them if the first (unused) one does not have the toolbox you are trying to use.
I suspect that it might not be "smart" about which license it uses. For example if you do not have Simulink on your individual license, but a DC license has it, then it will grab the DC license. Now suppose that you then use Simscape Electrical and that is not on your individual or the DC license you grabbed: it will look and perhaps find a second DC that has both Simulink and Simscape Electrical. Your needs could in theory be satisfied by just your individual license and one of the two DC licenses -- but is MATLAB smart enough to release the first DC license when it sees you need the second one and the second one includes everything you are using from the first ? I seem to recall that it is not smart enough to release the first one.
But it has been a long time since I administered those licenses, and I don't recall that I ever had any DC licenses, so I am not certain.


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