Problem 45493. SatCom #2: Gain of a circular 'dish' antenna

Satellite and Space Engineering - Problem #2

This is part of a series of problems looking at topics in satellite and space communications and systems engineering.

Determine the gain (in dBi) of a circular 'dish' antenna.

You are given the diameter of the antenna (in m), the frequency of operation (in Hz) and the antenna efficiency (as a %). Calculate the gain of the antenna (in dBi).

You should take the speed of light to be 299,792,458 m/s.

Hint: See - but don't forget to convert to dBi!

Example: The gain of a typical direct-to-home 60cm TV receiving antenna at 12 GHz is around 36 dBi.

Some future problems in this series will build on work done in previous problems, so if you get a working solution I suggest you hang onto the code!

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