Lidar ToolboxTM Support Package for Ouster Lidar Sensors

Connect to Ouster LiDAR sensors and stream point clouds directly into MATLAB for processing and visualization

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更新时间 2023/3/15

Lidar Toolbox™ Support Package for Ouster LiDAR® Sensors enables you to connect to lidar sensors from MATLAB and acquire point clouds. In MATLAB, you can then process and visualize the point clouds, as well as save the data to disk.
Currently supports the following sensor models:
  • OS0-64
  • OS1-64
  • OS2-64
This support package is functional for R2022a and beyond.
MATLAB 版本兼容性
创建方式 R2022a
兼容 R2022a 到 R2023a 的版本
Windows macOS Linux

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