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TSP solver by CE & BK algorithms

version (3.39 MB) by Sebastien PARIS
Solve TSP problems with 2 stochastic solvers : CE & BK algorithms


Updated 02 Nov 2010

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Solve the classic Travel Sale Man problem with Cross-Entropy method (CE) (parametric approach) and the Botev-Kroeze (BK) (non-parametric approach) optimization algorithm

Please run the 2 demo files :


Please run mexme_cebk.m to recompile mex files on your own platform (be sure that mex -setup is done before)

References :

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Sebastien PARIS

This is an unnecessary file, please forgot the demo_cebk_tsp file. I'll update zip file in removing this file.

liudaohai liudaohai

??? Undefined command/function 'cebk_tsp'.


-Compatible with Linux64 & GCC
-Add mexme_cebk.m

Remove demo_cebk_tsp.m file from archive

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Created with R2007b
Compatible with any release
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