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Corner Detection using SUSAN operator

version (46.5 KB) by Ke Yan
Detect corner points in an image using SUSAN operator.


Updated 22 Mar 2011

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SUSAN algorithm is modified to detect corners and exclude edges.The file contains a function, a test script and a test image

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Kevin Lai

Could you explain why "res = min(dark,bright)<thGeo1 && max(dark,bright)>thGeo2;"?

I got this error if the input matrix having all zero elements.
r =
Empty matrix: 0-by-1
c =
Empty matrix: 0-by-1
how to avoid this error or how to skip this matrix

Nada Kadhim

cy gwo



Hi Edward.Thank you for this submission.Can you please tell me how you choose those threshold values?


thank you very much!

Ke Yan

I'm sorry I used 2 user-defined function in the code. I have updated the code and replaced them with built-in functions.


The Procedure "susanCorner" gives the strange result!
What is a "imread1(" and "fis(" in "testsusan"?


2 insignificant user-defined function were replaced by system function.

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