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Run Processing sketches in Matlab

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Run Processing Sketches in Matlab (or Max/MSP)


Updated 15 Jun 2011

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Run processing sketches from Matlab or MAX/MSP.

The Processing class wraps a sketch (PApplet) in a window (Frame) and provides methods to show and dispose sketches.

First, you need to make sure Matlab has acces to the processing code in "core.jar". I have included an install script to add "core.jar" to the classpath.

Then, export the sketch (*.pde) to an Applet to obtain the *.java and *.class files. Make sure there are in Matlab's classpath (using javaclasspath).

Finally, you can run the sketch by using'')

You can also set sketch location, always on top, and a few other things.

An example sketch & matlab script is included.

This Processing-wrapper-class can also be used in MaxMSP.

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Mahmood Sabooni

I need to run a processing program through MATLAB. I have found your code very udeful but when I run it according to your manual, I see the following error which seems happen after this lien:'nl.madebymark.Processing.HelloWorld');
This is the error:
Java exception occurred:
Java exception occurred:
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/cycling74/max/MaxObject

at java.lang.Class.getDeclaredMethods0(Native Method)....
May I ask you, what is your suggestion?



Ahmed Eissa

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2009a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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