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Water Salinity from Pressure and Conductivity of tyhe water

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A simple script which computes the water salinity from pressure and conductivity of water data.


Updated 03 Jul 2018

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In order to know the water salinity, the script uses the Fofonnoff and Millard equation.
The inputs are:
- Pressure of the water, db.
- Water conductivity, mS/cm.
- Temperature of the water, ºC.
Generally, these physical variables are measured, using a CTD.

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Gar (2020). Water Salinity from Pressure and Conductivity of tyhe water (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Running the code typing [S]= conduc2sali(C,T,P) this error occurs
Error using *
Inner matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in conduc2sali (line 43)
RT35 = (((c3+c4*T)*T+c2)*T+c1)*T+c0;

Running from Run button it "Review the inputs.."
Anyone had the same problem?

Cesar Canul

The script works fine if you modify lines 2 and 3 to:
cnd = C / 42,914;
R = cnd

output unit would be helpful




Now, the function can be to use with a set of values.
Fix the conversion from S/m to mS/cm.

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