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Matlab driver to communicate with a SolsTiS M Squared CW Ti-saphire laser using TCP/IP.

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This package can be used to communicate a SolsTiS M Squared CW
Ti-saphire laser using TCP/IP. The functions can be used to send a
general command, or use the built in functionality for getting and
setting the wavelngth.
The main nontrivial trick was to count '}' characters instead of
waiting for a terminator. The Solstis does not send a terminator
character over TCP/IP, so if Matlab expects one, then there is a long
lag until the timeout is reached.

The SolsTiS laser should be set up in a standard way using an
Angstrom wavemeter. Setup involves setting the TPC/IP addresses
correctly in the web interface. In the solstis interface, set the
remote interface to the control computer's ip address. Then disable
and enable the link. You can find a windows machine's ip address by
typing ipconfig into the command prompt.


solstis_findInstrument - initialize solstis instrument object
solstis_getWavelength - read wavelength
solstis_gotoWavelength - go to wavelength
solstis_clearBuffer - Clear all incoming messages
solstis_getResponse - read solstis instrument
sostis_query - query solstis instrument
solstis_processResponse - processes solstis text response


Todd (2023). solstislab (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. 检索来源 .

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创建方式 R2013a
Windows macOS Linux
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