MATLAB Support for MinGW-w64 C/C++ Compiler

Install the MinGW-w64 C/C++ compiler for Windows

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This support package is currently unable to download third-party software for MATLAB R2017a and earlier versions. To install MinGW, complete the workaround instructions in the Bug Report, then return to this page and follow the instructions for R2017b and later.

MATLAB R2017b and later versions are unaffected.

MinGW-w64 is a compiler suite for Windows based on the GNU tool chain. It includes a GCC compiler and related tools for compiling C and C++ applications for Windows. C and C++ applications compiled with MinGW-w64 GCC can be called from MATLAB using MEX. This GCC compiler can also be helpful for other MathWorks products that require a C or C++ compiler.
R2023b: MinGW 6.3 must be configured manually. MinGW 6.3 can be downloaded from here.
R2023a: MinGW 8.1 must be configured manually. MinGW 8.1 can be downloaded from here.
Follow instructions on this page to configure MinGW 6.3 or 8.1 as a MEX compiler.
FAQ: This link provides answers to some frequently asked questions.
See additional information on installing this compiler at:
Learn more about other compilers supported by MathWorks Products at:
If you are having difficulty installing, please contact Technical Support or see MATLAB Answers:
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