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Radiocarbon (14C) age calibration using Bayesian statistics.


Updated 13 Aug 2020

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Radiocarbon (14C) age calibration using Bayesian statistics. Produces publication quality calibration plots, 1 sigma (68.27%) and 2 sigma (95.45%) calibrated age probabilities calculated using highest posterior density, as well as a probability density function of calibrated age for use in age modelling. Calibration output can be in either cal BP or BCE/CE (BC/AD), and a reservoir age can be specified if necessary. The user can choose from a number of calibration curves, including the latest version of IntCal.

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This works really well and plays nicely with other scripts. Thank you.

It would be great though if there was the option for calibrating dates that come from mixed reservoirs with a user-defined ratio (e.g. 30% atmospheric and 70% marine).

Floris Philipsen

Works well, the output graph option is very helpful. Thanks!


added download link at github

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