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pairplot(meas, label, group, colors, mode)

version (2.66 KB) by Ryosuke F Takeuchi
plot pairwise relationships in matrix


Updated 28 Feb 2020

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plot pairwise relationships in matrix : similar to 'pairplot' in seaborn (
easier than 'plotmatrix'
% e.g.
% For stat toolbox users
load fisheriris.mat
colors = lines(3);
label = {'sepal-length', 'sepal-width', 'petal-length', 'petal-width'}
figure; pairplot(meas, label, species, colors, 'both');
% For all users
load Fisher.mat % included in zip
group= Fisher(:,1);
colors = lines(length(unique(group)));
pairplot(Fisher(:,2:size(Fisher,2)), {'PW', 'PL', 'SW', 'SL'}, num2cell(num2str(group)), colors, 'bar'), ylabel('Probability')
figure; pairplot(meas, label, species, colors, 'both');

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Ryosuke F Takeuchi (2020). pairplot(meas, label, group, colors, mode) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (10)

Alex Backer

What should the structure of MEAS be? Thanks.

Ryosuke F Takeuchi

> Zeynab Mousavikhamene
Thanks for your useful comment.
I edited the example code above.

Zeynab Mousavikhamene

I recieved this error: Error: The construct "Fisher(...end...)" is ambiguous in this context, because "Fisher" cannot be ascertained to be either the name of a variable or of a function. To
make it a variable, assign to it; to allow it to become a function at execution time, replace "end" with a call to LENGTH, SIZE, or NUMEL on the desired array.

Candice Erin

Caleb Stoltzfus

Keisuke Tsunoda

Yusuke Atsumi

Ryosuke F Takeuchi

Thanks for your advise.
I added ""t for users who don't have Stats Toolbox.

Carl Witthoft

The file "fisheriris.mat" belongs to the Stats Toolbox. You should either state that in the comments or provide a sample data matrix in your package for us poor folk who don't have that Toolbox.


Good. Quick and easy to use.


update Example code

bug fixed : auto color definition

add sample data of fisher iris

add xlim for each scatter

add 'bar' option for old version of MATLAB

bug fixed about 'both' mode & example code

- add cdf plot & small cdf plot mode

bug fixed

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