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Imports Thermo FTIR time series data (.SRS files) into MATLAB

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The data file is imported into 3 numeric arrays: Spectra, Wavenumbers and Time. Series_Info is a cell array containing the acquisition information from the file header. The spectral range and acquisition from this header info are used to calculate the Wavenumber and Time arrays.

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Irina Ir

Nicolet6700 and Omnic8

Kurt Oldenburg

Hi Irina,

What instrument and software version did you use?

Irina Ir

On my data this doesnt work :( Input: series file with 35 spectra. Output: 2 spectra with wrong data, "Time" array include only 2 wrong values.


Barry (view profile)

Beautiful! A great timesaver! Thanks for this sbmission.



Corrected the denominator in the Interval calculation on line 32 to account for the first wavenumber being used as a fixed point.

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MATLAB 9.0 (R2016a)

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