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Matlab Mail Feedback

version 1.2.0 (7.94 KB) by Daniele Mascali
Set of functions for receiving mail feedback from Matlab


Updated 12 Mar 2019

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Set of functions for receiving mail feedback from Matlab.

1) sendstatus(to,verbose) sends the exit status of a script/function to the mail addresses specified in to. In case of failure the function that caused the error will be attached.
2) sendmsg(to,subject,message,attachments) uses matlab sendmail function to send mail pre-compiled with a set of useful info (works as matlab sendmail).

-Add the folder to you MATLAB path.
-Configure sendsetup.m with the info of the email address from which you wish to send matlab feedback. If you use a gmail account, you only have to fill the fields sender_mail and password. If you use another mail service, you will also have to change the SMTP parameters.

sendstatus(to,verbose) must be placed as the FIRST line of code of a matlab script/function. to is either a string specifying a single address, or a cell array of addresses. verbose (optional): [0 1 2]. Select the "verbosity" of the attachments in case of failure:
- 0: no attachment
- 1: sends just the file that caused the error (default)
- 2: sends all the stacked files

sendmsg(to,subject,message,attachments) works as matlab sendmail (see:

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