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version 1.0.4 (54.1 MB) by Sampsa Pursiainen
Geoimaging tool for small celestial bodies

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Updated 21 May 2020

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Geoceles (© 2018 Sampsa Pursiainen) is a simple tool for finite element based forward and inverse simulations in geimaging of small planetary bodies. With Geoceles, one can segment a realistic multilayer geometry and generate a finite element mesh, if triangular surface grids (in ASCII DAT file format) are available. The current version also allows using a graphics card to speed up the mesh segmentation as well asforward (lead field) and inversion computations. Geoceles inherits from the Zeffiro Interface for Brain Imaging (© 2018 Sampsa Pursiainen). More instructions can be found at:

Article in which Geoceles has been used:

Sorsa, L. I., Takala, M., Bambach, P., Deller, J., Vilenius, E., Agarwal,
J., Carroll, K., Karatekin, O., & Pursiainen, S. (2020). Tomographic
inversion of gravity gradient field for a synthetic Itokawa model. Icarus,
336, 113425.

Articles in utilizing the IAS inversion method for asteroids:

Pursiainen, S., & Kaasalainen, M. (2013). Iterative alternating sequential
(IAS) method for radio tomography of asteroids in 3D. Planetary and Space
Science, 82, 84-98.

Pursiainen, S., and M. Kaasalainen. "Detection of anomalies in radio
tomography of asteroids: Source count and forward errors." Planetary and
Space Science 99 (2014): 36-47.

Pursiainen, S., & Kaasalainen, M. (2014). Sparse source travel-time
tomography of a laboratory target: accuracy and robustness of anomaly
detection. Inverse Problems, 30(11), 114016.

Pursiainen, Sampsa, and Mikko Kaasalainen. "Electromagnetic 3D subsurface
imaging with source sparsity for a synthetic object." Inverse Problems
31.12 (2015): 125004.

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