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version 1.0.4 (10.3 KB) by Jean-Luc Dellis
ZfitGUI creates a figure with uimenus devoted to process impedance data


Updated 23 Jan 2020

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The main features are:
The data can be plotted for each immitance types (Z, Y, C or M), in the complex plane, as well as their real, imaginary parts or their magnitude in function of the frequency (Log/Log scales).
The possibilities are almost infinite. Over the classical R, C, L electrical elements, one can use CPE (constant Phase Element) and Diffusion Impedances.
ZfitGUI makes use of the simplex algorithm. To fit only portion of the spectra is user-friendly. Note that there exists the programmatic version of ZfitGUI named "Zfit" which can be found in the Matworks site file exchange.

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Jean-Luc Dellis, Laboratoire de la Physique de la Matière Condensée, UFR des Sciences, Amiens, France

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The interface works nicely, and the tutorial is easy to follow.
My question is however if there is a built in way to perform a KK check to confirm causality?



Now the operators “s” and “p” may handle more than 2 elements as arguments. For instance the string “p(R1,E2,C1,E2)” with 4 impedances in parallel is allowed (code offered by Hazrul Shabri).


Wrong function name was corrected


- an uicontrol list type is now used to load and check impedance data from the Workspace;
- the hints on “How to” are displayed on the figure.

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