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Clustering via Jenks Natural Breaks

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Example on using the Jenks Natural Breaks method to cluster a one-dimensional data array into two classes.


Updated 06 Sep 2019

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Jenks Natural Breaks is a data clustering method. It is an optimization process that finds the best arrangement of values into different classes. It can be used for step-change detection in noisy data. In this example, a one-dimensional array of noisy values is used. The method is applied to the array to find the index of the interface separating the high and low values.

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Thanks for your comment, Roberto. Yes, you are right, it should be: class_2 = Array(i+1:total);


Thank you very much for this code, it is great. Just one note: I would expect line 14 in get_jenks_interface.m to read like this:
class_2 = Array(i+1:total);

rather than
class_2 = Array(i:total);

Am I right?



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