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Galaxy model

version 2.6 (1.75 KB) by Nicolas Douillet
A function to compute and display a galaxy point cloud (spiral or elliptic), with some tunable parameters (shape, number of arms, etc...)


Updated 18 Aug 2020

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Design your own galaxy ! :-)

For pedagogic / scientific diffusion purposes. Is not a rigorous astrophysical model.

F5 in galaxy_model.m or galaxy_model; in console to run the program and plot the figure.

A lot of parameters -curvature, number of arms, number of stars and many others- are available in the file header to tune the shape of the model.

Since these parameters are quite sensitive, my advice is to first test them individually -one by one- to understand their influence.

For some out of range parameter values, you may encounter this warning in Matlab console :

> Warning: Using only the real component of complex data.
> In getRealData (line 52)
> In scatter3 (line 59)
> In spiral_galaxy_model (line 115)

In this kind of case, just go back to some reference example parameter set, and do again your parameter tuning, one by one.

Questions, support, feedback : nicolas.douillet (at)

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Nicolas Douillet (2020). Galaxy model (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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See release notes for this release on GitHub:


Added one parameter set example for elliptic galaxy type


Updated file name in description


Fixed colormap figure bug


Name, cover img, typo


Profile view option + typo


Model improvement with some extra parameters (distribution, Markers, colors, etc), profile view, parameter set examples, description.

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