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A MATLAB program for the analysis of digital elevation models

Tensor Utilites for Tensor Manipulations

Tensor utilities for tensor operations like contractions, sub-tensor extractions, outer-products, tensor permutations, and matrix unfoldings. Some of these are operations which have the Kronecker

Guaranteed Automatic Integration Library

Machine learning Made Easy !!!, that is without complex library and tool to identify Speed Signboard Recognition using MATLAB

This software was released by Princeton Satellite Systems, Inc.

Toolbox for Reachability Analysis

Iterative learning controller (ILC) versus multioscillatory controller (MOSC) battle.

Tools to relate climate index data to carbon monoxide data in a linear model framework. Optimal temporal offsets found by grid search.

Fast numerical method for protyping in matlab (FEM, BEM, H-Matrix, ray-tracing, etc.)

Sound Field Synthesis Toolbox for Matlab/Octave, see http://matlab.sfstoolbox.org

MIB2 is an update package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets

a Matlab toolbox for single-cell RNA-seq data analyses

N-Dimensional Cross Product (supports symbolic variables)

N Dimensional cross product in case anyone needed it. I added numerical and symbolic examples.

Modeling and control toolkit for orbiting spacecraft with robotic arms.

Compression of Motion Capture Data (ASF/AMC format) using Discrete Wavelet Transform

Model, simulate, analyze, and visualize CubeSats using Aerospace Blockset

Ephemeris Data for Aerospace Toolbox

to:http://www.mathworks.com/help/aerotbx/examples/marine-navigation-using-planetary-ephemerides.html.For more information on the Aerospace Toolbox, go to:http://www.mathworks.com/products/aerotb/For more information on the Aerospace Blockset, go to:http://www.mathworks.com/products/aeroblks/For more

Geoid Data for Aerospace Toolbox

http://www.mathworks.com/help/aerotbx/examples/visualizing-geoid-height-for-earth-geopotential-model-1996.html.For more information on the Aerospace Toolbox, go to:http://www.mathworks.com/products/aerotb/For more information on the Aerospace Blockset, go to:http://www.mathworks.com/products/aeroblks/For more



by Andrews Sobral

Matlab Tensor Tools

Sum-Product Algorithm Applied to HMM

Sum-Product Algorithm Applied to HMM with Time-Series Market Data

This function calculates the matrix product of A.

Open source high precision matrix library for Matlab

Plots of Harmonic Product Spectrum (HPS) and log HPS of a running sequence of frames.

This MATLAB exercise plots a sequence of frames of both the Harmonic Product Spectrum (HPS) and the Log Harmonic Product Spectrum (LHPS), and displays the resulting spectrums plot in the form of a

A simple fem package for 2D truss and beam structures.

A tool for creating tabular expressions in Matlab/Simulink integrating checking with PVS and CVC3.

Simulate and verify agile RF transceivers and predict impact of RF imperfections using test signals

Simulate additional mixed-signal systems with Simulink and Mixed-Signal Blockset

for getting started, and integration examples with different products such as Stateflow, HDL Verifier, and Simscape Electronics.This add-on is functional for R2019a and beyond. If you have download or

MATLAB tools to read TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X datasets.

is specified as Level1b and COSSC product in the following documents which are reffered in the code as:TX-GS-DD-3307 Level 1b Product Format SpecificationTD-GS-PS-3028 TanDEM-X Experimental Product

Demo files from March 10, 2011 webinar titled 'Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products'

Demo files from March 10, 2011 webinar titled 'Mathematical Modeling with MATLAB Products'. The first demo features a drug interaction example where MATLAB's surface fitting capabilities are used to

Install the MinGW-w64 C/C++ compiler for Windows

with MinGW-w64 GCC can be called from MATLAB using MEX. This GCC compiler can also be helpful for other MathWorks products that require a C or C++ compiler. This Add-On installs one of the following

The toolbox MatRep provides a set of functions for studying representation in symmetric groups.

Coding of MoCap signal using multidimensional quadratic Bezier curve fitting

Context-aware non negative matrix factorization clustering

A set of functions to generate publisher-happy EPS images

MIB is a package for segmentation of multi-dimensional (2D-4D) microscopy datasets

Files used in the August 10, 2006 Webinar of same title

he zip file contains the demo shown on August 10, 2006 for the Webinar titled "Data Analysis with MATLAB Products". The demo requires Signal Processing and Statistics Toolboxes. It is recommended

"SL Fixed-Point Tutorial" demo files. 「Simulink Fixed Point/RTW-ECを用いた固定小数点コード生成 チュートリアル」の例題ファイルです。

Calculates the Frobenius inner product of two matrices

Calculates the Frobenius inner product of two matrices A and B. In mathematics, it is indicated as A:B. So I made a class that overloads the colon operator to be able to make this.

DynaSim simplifies the process of building and simulating models of dynamical systems.

MATLAB Client for MATLAB Production Server™ lets you access your MATLAB® Production Server-hosted functions via MATLAB Add-Ons


Example of Commodity UK Power Hedging such as Value Neutral and Base Peak Ratios

Hedging examples assuming there exists a UK half hour Power Forward Curve and a matching volume profile.The Products are for combinations of Base, Peak and Nights; note that the liquidity can be

Implements many common linear algebra functions in completely self-contained MATLAB code.

algorithm12) myInv - Matrix inversion13) myInvIteration - Inverse Iteration (eigenvectors)14) myKroneckerProduct - Kronecker product15) myKroneckerSum - Kronecker sum16) myLanczos - Lanczos iteration17)

"SL Fixed-Point Tutorial R2008a (Japanese)" demo files. 「Simulink 固定小数点チュートリアル (R2008a)」の例題ファイルです。

MATLAB extension for working with Engduino device

Visualize physics with simple graphics commands using MATLAB

Beat Synchronous Dance Animation based on Analysis of Periodic Motion given the music Tempo.



by Ivan

MATLAB Toolbox for working with high-dimensional tensors in the Tensor-Train (TT)-format

operations with tensors in TT-format. It includes: * tt_tensor and tt_matrix classes for storing vectors and operators * Basic linear algebra subroutines (addition, matrix-by-vector product

CSTR, unwanted products, coolant heat transfer controlled


This is a Matlab script for reading the PROBA-V S1/S10 products in an easy and handy way. It is developed because there was a high need from end users to be able to extract and read the PROBA-V

An efficient implementation of the Khatri-Rao product.

kr.m efficiently computes the Khatri-Rao product of two matrices, or a string of Khatri-Rao products of several matrices.

Webinar presentation and demo files

This zip file includes the presentation and demonstration files for the recorded webinar "What's New In MATLAB Products For Release 2006b".

An efficient implementation of the Kronecker product for dense, sparse and logical matrices.

This file serves as a replacement for Matlab's kron.m. It contains a more efficient implementation of the Kronecker product for dense, sparse and logical matrices.

Return matrix chain product P = M1*M2* ... *Mn

Because the matrix multiplication is associative; the product can be carried with different order, leading to the same result up to round-off error, MMTIMES usings "optimal" order of binary product

software package for computing operations on interval valued bipolar neutrosophic matrices

A toolbox for nonparametric probability function estimation using normalized B-splines

procedures for one or more dimensions using a B-spline series for one-dimensional data and a tensor product B-spline series for multi-dimensional data. The toolbox takes advantage of the direct addressing of

Software package for computing a variety of operations on interval valued neutrosophic matrices

Software package for computing bipolar neutrosophic operational matrices

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