Microscope control software


  • Neuronal activity monitoring
  • Brain imaging
  • Galvanometer mirror control
  • Resonant mirror control
  • FPGA programming


ScanImage provides researchers exquisite control of their microscopes and animal behavioral apparatus, providing precise synchronization between neuronal activity imaging and behavior observations. The software automates two-photon laser scanning microscope image collection and allows animal behavioral data to be correlated with neuronal activity.

The architecture of ScanImage has three layers: at the lowest level, images are acquired using a configurable FPGA. Data is then passed to a C++ layer that runs in its own thread and streams data to disk at 250 MB/sec. Data is also passed to a MATLAB® layer, where images are displayed and optimized through a MATLAB UI. Users can code their own MATLAB user functions to further customize their data acquisition and analysis streams.

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  • Data Acquisition Systems


  • Computational Biology
  • Data Acquisition or Import
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