Video and Webinar Series

Building a GUI to Read, Modify and Write an Excel File

This series of videos that will go through the process of planing and implementation of a simple GUI. Realistically, I would not plan out a GUI this simple, but the idea is to show what my planning process is on a simple example. The purpose of this GUI is to:

  1. Select an Excel file and read it into the MATLAB workspace
  2. Modify the data that came from the file. In this case by multiplying by a scalar
  3. Write the modified data into an Excel file with a name derived from the original filename

Part 1 Planning the GUI

Part 2 Create the low-level functions needed for implementing the functionality.

Part 3 Create a single MATLAB file that runs the low-level functions.

Part 4 Implements the simple GUI discussed here, calling the functions created above.