Developing DC-DC Converter Control with Simulink

Learn how to model and simulate a DC-DC converter in Simulink® and Simscape Electrical™. Use the simulation model to size passive components and simulate the converter in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes. Estimate nonlinear switching dynamics of the MOSFET and calculate dissipative power losses of the converter. Use input-output simulation data to automatically tune PID controller gains. Implement a digital controller on a Texas Instruments™ TMS320F28035 microcontroller by automatically generating code from a Simulink model.

Modeling, Simulating, and Sizing Passive Components Learn how to model a DC-DC converter in Simscape and use simulation to size inductor and capacitor and understand converter behavior in continuous and discontinuous conduction modes.

Determining Power Losses and Simulating Thermal Behavior Learn how to use a simulation model of a DC-DC converter to determine power losses and simulate thermal behavior of the converter.

Designing Digital Controller Learn how to design a digital PID controller for a DC-DC converter.

Automatically Generating Controller Code for Implementation on Embedded Processor Learn how to implement a digital controller for a DC-DC converter on an embedded processor.

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