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Field-Oriented Control of PMSMs with Simulink and Motor Control Blockset

Field-oriented control is a popular means of controlling brushless motors used in automotive, industrial, aerospace, and consumer applications. Motor Control Blockset for Simulink speeds up the development of a field-oriented controller by helping you to verify control algorithms using simulation and generate compact and efficient code for a microcontroller. In this series, MathWorks engineers will walk you through a reference example of field-oriented control algorithm simulation and code deployment to a TI C2000 microcontroller for a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM).  During the demonstration, we will show how Motor Control Blockset can be used to:

  • Parameterize a PMSM model by running instrumented tests on a motor
  • Model motor and inverter dynamics at different levels of fidelity
  • Design a field-oriented controller, including current, and torque/speed loops using a quadrature encoder or Hall sensor
  • Show sensorless control using a flux observer
  • Demonstrate field weakening control to exceed the rated speed of the motor
  • Use automatic PID tuning to set the controller gains for current and speed loops
  • Verify controller performance through closed-loop simulations
  • Generate code for a Texas Instruments C2000 microcontroller and operate the current loop of the PMSM at 20 kHz

Field-Oriented Control: Calibrating Sensors, Estimating Parameters, and Modeling Learn how to use Motor Control Blockset to calibrate Hall sensors and quadrature encoders. See how to estimate motor parameters and model the motor and inverter with Simscape Electrical.

Field-Oriented Control: Designing the Control Algorithm Learn how to use Motor Control Blockset to develop field-oriented control algorithms, including field weakening.

Field-Oriented Control: Deploying Code to a Microcontroller Learn how to use Embedded Coder to deploy motor control embedded C code on a TI C2000 microcontroller.

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