MATLAB for Engineering Applications, 4e

Written for use in a freshman engineering course, as a self-study text or supplementary reference, MATLAB for Engineering Applications provides a comprehensive introduction to MATLAB. The book begins with the essentials of MATLAB, and later focuses on advanced topics such as programming in MATLAB, plotting and model building, statistics and probability, linear algebraic equations, calculus, and differential equations. It also includes an appendix on creating animation and sound in MATLAB.

This book includes introductory chapters for both MATLAB and Simulink, and Symbolic Math Toolbox is used extensively in a chapter on symbolic processing with MATLAB. Some functionality of Control System Toolbox is used in a chapter on numerical methods for calculus and differential equations, and MATLAB Live Editor is introduced in the chapter on advanced plotting.

About This Book

William J. Palm III, University of Rhode Island

McGraw-Hill, 2019

ISBN: 9781260215472
Language: English

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