Teach with MATLAB and Simulink

"Engineering Problem Solving"

Engineering Problem Solving

Course Materials Include:

  • Syllabus
  • 1 lecture
  • 4 laboratory assignments
  • 3 projects
  • Resources
Engineering Problem Solving

Engineering Problem Solving

By Stanley Hsu
Rajeevan Amirtharajah
Andre Knoesen
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Davis

Download free courseware for Engineering Problem Solving from the University of California, Davis.

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This engineering problem solving course introduces undergraduate students to sustainable engineering. There are three goals:

  • Sustainability-focused lab exercises
  • Hands-on experience
  • Project-based learning

The course emphasizes topics in solar cell technology, and touches on other subjects such as green building design and electric vehicles. Although students are introduced to various topics in sustainable engineering, the goal of the course is to teach engineering problem solving (and how to use MATLAB to model and solve engineering problems) and not sustainable engineering.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will learn MATLAB through solving sustainable/renewable engineering related problems.
  • Students will also gain hands-on experience working with hardware (developed based on Arduino UNO) to gather sunlight data.